Sunday, August 31, 2008

interacting @ home

not that i'm impatient or anything. but when are my new neighbours arriving?

as you know i've just moved into a new house. i am meant to have new neighbours as they purchsed the neighbouring property at the same time i got mine. but they are still not there.

i wait.

i'd really like to meet them. have a chat.

so, maybe i'm no so patient after all? online is just so much quicker. i'm being spoilt. from a few whispers of a new service from friends, to friends all jumping on board signing up, to then meeting/making a whole bunch of new friends, i reckon i could have made a whole neighbourhood of neighbours, moved house 10 times over compared to what is going on at the land home.

i wait.


Trev said...

aaawww, I however think that it's a good thing that you don't have neighbours either side of your house...

Charlie Robinson said...

it's certainly very quiet, and there's no one to complain if we use their driveway :)