Sunday, May 18, 2008

Like all things, us humans have a pretty standard way of going about things. Eg we chat, we listen, we learn, we teach (etc etc).

So, I've been thinking more about this. Mainly as I was asked to speak at a seminar about new media and social networks online. hmmmm – what is it that we do and what exactly would I say to explain? I’m still in learning mode I thought… and now I was asked to teach? Eeek. Whether I finally end up speaking or not doesn't matter. It did make me ponder – a seminar is just like a blog is it not? The speaker/writer chats. An audience listens/reads. We (all) learn through questions/comments. So, I can teach that. Easy.

Of course, I then took it one step further. If the seminar is like the blog, let’s think. LinkedIn must be the business networking for contacts. FaceBook would be the after party and Twitter the quick catchup call. All pretty human to me!! What do you think about that? xc


JimBob said...

We are a pretty simple bunch really. So why do we make it so hard?

Nadine Touzet said...

Agreed. Apart from Facebook, can't get myself to believe in the 'after party' bit.

Charlie Robinson said...

KIS (keep it simple).

Hey Nadine - where would you place FaceBook then... you use it a lot. I couldn't have it as the more serious networking 'cause LinkedIn has that one covered?? But... it could be (almost) xc

Charlie Robinson said...

we are obviously onto something here. i just stumbled over this blog through my FriendFeed and well.. what sense this person makes!!


JimBob said...

I have read the blog in your last comment. So what are we onto - sitting at home in our underwear?
Possibilities I guess.

Charlie Robinson said...

Isn't that what we do already? And why we go online. Perhaps the next human trait we're all guilty of? At the end of the day we're all a little lazy when it comes to social networking - so if we can do it in our knickers (trackies really) then all the better for it!!

What say you Jimbo? xc

Steve Thomas said...

Interesting stuff. One thing I've noticed this year is an increasing reluctance to travel for conferences, workshops and seminars. Used to be I'd do that several times a year. Now, I find reasons not to. Not sure if I'm just getting old and can't be bothered with the travel. But another reason is I genuinely believe that I can now get more out of online connections -- blogs or just good ol' Google -- than I get from spending a day in a seminar room. It's a cost/benefit thing, and when you're pushed for time, there are easier ways now to discover new things.

Plus all that air travel is not very environmental anymore, is it?

Charlie Robinson said...

what a fantastic thought Steve... this electronic age is certainly helping with the carbons reducing travel side and yes blogging, google and other online resources certainly reduce my need to attend as many seminars (like you - although an excuse every now and then is certainly in my natural make-up!!).

i guess then there's just the energy side of online.... keeping the need way up there eg the more we need, the more we need.

what say you? xc