Saturday, May 24, 2008

charlie has a voice

well there it is. the hardest day of my life (aside from a couple of others). charlie has a voice. but how seriously weird do i look on camera!! i must practice... baby steps though. like i mentioned in the video, wise orange are producing 5 testimonial video's and reconfiguring the corporate video for my full time job (yes - i do have one). this is all part of major communication campaigns hitting the marketplace in July for recruitment of those hard to find (power) engineers.

as i've mentioned before i do like to teach myself new tricks.

so - aside from the bad lighting and the un-madeup face / hair, anyone got any feedback they'd like to share to help make my journey a little less painful? be gentle though xxc


JuniorKane said...

Nice Vid Charlie!
Few things I'd recommend, you need a brighter light in a similar spot but further away. Lighting from beneath your face is a technique used by news readers to remove unsightly wrinkles (no Sandra Sully does not look as young as people think). A soft light is best (with a shade to disperse the light) as you are getting too much contrast. Try to make it cover more of your face to reduce the amount of shadow vs. light.
Watch your headroom (you need less space between your head and the top of the frame), it's a common mistake so dont worry too much. Also I recommend getting an el-cheapo logitch microphone, it will cut down on some of the hiss, that you are getting from what I presume is your built-in laptop mic.
Finally good job getting in front of the Camera!! It is tough to get the guts to present yourself to the public. It looks great for a first go and we'll hopefully see a lot more of your pleasant visage on your blog soon!
from Mike
P.S. like the new hair!

Charlie Robinson said...

thankyou oh wise one. v.good. and yes I thought Sandra Sully was still a baby so with me needing all the help i can get, i will try that!!!

didn't know about the headroom - so i will watch that (ta). any comments about the background? what's good / what's not. i didn't realise til after but behind me (i realised) are my IT books, my wine box from wirra wirra, a photo of my brother and my grandparents. how cute!!! for me. but maybe not best for video? basically i didn't want just a head on the screen... hmmm :>

thankyou xc

JuniorKane said...

Background was nice, it shows a bit about you and wasn't too cluttered or messy. A splash of colour is always nice, depends on how you want people to portray you and your environment. Plain white can be a little boring so bringing personality to your space is good.
Giving the camera a little nudge to the left and moving it a touch closer would give you a symmetrical space which you could fill with items relating to what you are speaking about. It's an easy way of drawing the eye to subject material without using overlay in post.
So all in all good work on the background! :)