Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three Hundred & Forty Two

aaaaah its friday again. quick stop @ the pub on the way home, then fresh homemade pizza's cooked by amburger for dinner... not a bad way to end the week. had had a few loooong convo's during the day that made me feel a little positive.

also worked out that even im crap at sorting out all the new facebook privacy settings these days. gosh - if i cant even get it right. i think they need a bit of an overhaul on the usability as its starting to get too difficult for the average user :(

i mean i have "groups" that each have their own access levels. some can see everything i do, others cant (i do need asome private time amongst close friends ya know!!). but there are so many different combos of what you can and cant do... phew. hard.

anyway, i think i have it sussed - so does that me an expert now?? ahahahaaaa NO!!

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