Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twitter v Facebook - what's it to be?

lots of convo again today. here's my side.

i have this theme developing in my head where i think twitter is more personal.


many people slam dunk twitter because they believe it is for big corporates to spam users.

well i oppose that concept.

i think, yes, it is a mass marketing tool and one that PR and communications people use to their credit and fullest capability. but i also think that if i want to reply to someone specifically and in particular - it is actually quite difficult for someone to cut across or butt in.

and i like that.

so it's gets personal.

i LOVE to interact, dont get me wrong. but there are times when a one-on-one suits the purpose more than anything else... and i feel like i can get that from twitter and not facebook. so, where i was clamoring before to find apps that gave me the conversation thread and the interaction power, now i need both. interaction and one-on-one. the option.

yes, there is the facebook inbox and yes I can have a twitter direct message, i can be as discrete, silent, direct and hidden as the rest... this however, is more like feeling i am giving someone my undivided attention at a partee, not worried about who hears - but undivided.

and i am liking this.

what do you think?
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