Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Two Hundred & Forty Seven

my beautiful niece has been made redundant from her day job. i actually say - yah - because she had lost her passion. she's a graphic designer and it had become fairly mundane. she worked for tourism SA... and whilst i know they can do some good work - they are still a government department with all the bureaucracy that goes with it.

well, she's off to freelance and ive been asked to mentor her. eeeek. i'm nervous - but it will be a lovely challenge :))) not so re her ... more for me ie to coach someone into a new business. sally's work is excellent - i am happy to refer her anywhere and to anyone. she is a traditional graphic designer but... more about sally's new business as we go... so stay tuned!!

in the meantime she's selling some tupperware!!! so, i had a partee. as you do. bought some plastic pots. so - if you need some, let me know!!! OK


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