Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day One Hundred & Twenty One

Hapi Birfday Monnie - it's her 21st!!

Yep, I've coloured my hair. It's meant to be "dark blonde". I think it's more like "dark brown".

@work : spent half the day sorting through what project management roles and responsibilities we have across the organisation. full on.

@home work : worked out the back end of a complex online retail / wholesale / stock control catalogue engine in order to help my girlfriend keep her website up to date. the process started last nite and i got there tonight. success!! i wont be beaten by the techos LOL

loves gartners comment in a report i read today: "programmers and techos are from neptune, social scientists are from alpha centauri"

the report was actually really useful and something i wish to continue to pursue with the corporate. i'll keep on keeping on (all whilst my hair grows) ... but i do wonder who the techo's think they build some of these CRM/catalogue/online websites for. perhaps if they had the pleasure of using their own crafted tools on a dialy basis, they may actually make them a tad easier to use!! :)


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