Sunday, September 28, 2008

interacting with photos

i remember when... i seriously can't believe i'm saying this but i do feel like i've been around an awfully loooong time - and i'm getting OLD!!! especially when we start talking photos and sharing. gosh, i still have PHOTO ALBUMS that these days are just too dusty and scary to bring out on display. hilarious really.

i remember when i used to manually create my HTML pages onto my website so that i could share my photos with friends. have to say - they just "looked" and unless there was a funny email that followed, not too much interaction happened. but then along came simple tools like Google's Picassa. Gotta love the ease of that.

however, i really am preferring today's world of uploading and sharing photo albums with friends and all the funny comments that follow. whether it be via Flickr (for the "nicer" shots) or simply FaceBook for all those crazy candid ones, it's such a better place and time to be in.

i wonder what will be next?


Anonymous said...

The cloud, the cloud.