Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charlie's Global Housewarming Partee

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Let's face it - this household is digital. Multiple laptops, cameras, mobile devices, websites, logins and friends who all do the same, when it came to the housewarming partee it didn't surprise me that everyone brought their camera.

The photos have streamed out in the hundreds since...

What did happen on the night (that I want to share) is something that might also just happen again. We web cam streamed live the partee to a bunch of friends overseas - so that they could join in. What a bunch of digital nerds we are!! But what a laugh also.

The first of many more to come - global partee's that is.

ps the picture includes @spotrick, @robynsharon, and @jimbob51


Don White said...

Hi, Charlie.

I'm been a bit slow in dropping by here but I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your house warming party via the video link. It's too bad that I couldn't get the software to recognize my webcam but maybe I'll have that figured out by the next party. Anyway, here's to you and all my Plurk friends in Adelaide. I just may have to come up with a Grateful We're Not Dead song about virtual partying. Hmmmm, I wonder what the cure is for a virtual hangover?

All the best,

Charlie Robinson said...

Hey Don,
I thought we might be able to get you to play a tune via the cam? wouldn't that be a hoot... the global partee band :)