Sunday, June 22, 2008

interacting via another new service

Hi everyone, this is Charlie typing to you from another new service called

This one is letting me update all my status' etc from the one location. Makes me wonder why then we have more than one. But... i guess each has its own particular focus.

Let me know if you are using the service and what you think of it so far. All the best xc


Chris said...

Hey Charlie! I use I've gravitated more to just using Plurk, but when I need to get a message out to all of my different social networking sites, I hitup There are a couple more out there like hellotxt, but I'm content with using :D...

I would say just use one social network site, but it seems that different people are on the different sites. Twitter has a crowd, plurk has a crowd, and even facebook/myspace has a different crowd.

I enjoy reading what everyone has to say, so it looks like I'm stuck using like you :D

Charlie Robinson said...

Thanks Chris... i'm a bit of a junklie and am on them all - some with same crowd overlapping, some unique. it makes an interesting mix.

when i finally work out the personalities between Plurk and Ping and Twitter and others, i'll be sure to share :>