Sunday, June 15, 2008

interacting in different languages

there's really only one language that is common to me. and that's english. it's fact. settled.

but i'm amused by how many other languages have come into my life in the past few years (and people speaking different languages too - but that's another story). fascinating in it's amusement as is it, i've never been a language studier/learner. to be honest, i tried french once but was never very good at it. same with german. i tried but didn't come up trumps.

these days, its seems i am an expert at languages. i'm an absolute whiz chatting about tweets, peeps and plurkers like nobody's business. and don't forget the woot woots - i heart them.


ok, so what's this new language? it all started way back with sms/txt words. gosh - that's old fashioned. that moved us to speak in just plain abbreviations of words (for speed). that then moved us to develop a whole new set of rules of engagement where we ask our friends to be our peeps or tweets. **oh, but if you wanted to tweet with me you have better be able to do it in 140 characters or ya off the page anyway.

but it's even gone further. these past few weeks, we are now debating what's better; to tweet or not to tweet - that is the plurk.

if only my mother could here me talking this way... she'd be wondering. but if you'd like to come plurk with me, here's my ID:

as Rove says: what the?


Beaman said...

My cat is licking her lips with all my plurking and twittering.

Jim974 said...

Well, I have 2 (or Three) languages Which are common to me. Origin of my person is in Czech Republic. I left when I was 23 to work in an American company where I stayed 7 years. Traveled all around the world. The only language was English. There I met a french girl I'm maried with..... Interesting... I already contacted you on plurk. Hi then...
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Feel free to visit. I also have another website.
In 3 languages..... The country where I live....