Sunday, April 27, 2008

interacting in silence

My 14yr daughter has just come out from her room (believe me that’s a special occasion) and congratulated me on my blog. Neat. An interesting conversation followed where she questioned how many readers and why not many comments. I laughed. I have silent readers (although I must be fair as many have previously commented - ie my older blog posts are from my FaceBook log). But she explained that she has the same problem with her MySpace. Seems many are happy to message and txt but are happy leaving public comments to those experienced in public comments. Interesting.


Amber :) said...

umm ok :)

Amber :) said...

funny, i dont remember that =[

Charlie Robinson said...

OK, so daughter - does that mean the conversation didn't happen or that you don't have that happen with your MySpace... and if it's wrong how I've interpreted - perhaps you had better correct me (which you are also good at)!!