Thursday, March 27, 2008

interact with facebook

words of wisdom just given to a friend that i thought i'd share with all. it's just my style... i have focused on working the room. so here goes:

hey "friend"... unfortunately as like any social networking that we do - we actually need to socialise to make facebook work. So, you need to "throw sheep" occassionally (parden the FB saying). Join a few groups, say you're attending a few events (and do) and then pick a couple of applications that you feel comfortable with and work them.

It's really like working the room. You gotta work it.

It should only take (depending on your time and schedule) a half hour every couple of days. Or if you have fan pages etc and want to interact with clients - allow about 15 minutes a day... treat it as part of your customer service.

It pays off BIG time. So well worth it. I now have connections all over the world that have been 100% invaluable and totally amazing. I met "friend x" through FB and I've already sent work his way. Now I'm not saying you're gonna have a success on every single contact. You won't, cause that's not real. It doesn't happen offline, so it's not going to happen on.

Finally, one BIG mistake - never treat it as 100% social... and never never treat it as 100% business. People know and understand that you get a full work/life balance on this beast. So, take time out and have FUN.

enjoy xc



Nadine said...


You seem to have a talent for online networking, and I'm pretty sure (although I live on the other side of the Earth) that you are brilliant offline too.

Yes, networking requires a lot of flexibility (what doesn't in this world?). I do draw the line at the sheep though, for the simple reason that I am not that kind of person offline. I do think you should be as sincere as possible in both worlds, both on- and off-line. It's important for my sanity, at least.


Charlie Robinson said...

Thanks Nadine, I think you make an important point and that is "be true" (to your own self). Thanks for sharing xc