Thursday, August 19, 2010

[New post] Wine Politics: What wine will Australia be drinking over the next three years?

More fun than you can poke a stick at… hope you enjoy the blog about wine instead of straight politics for a change J

Read the full blog and let me know if you agree with our wine selections against your favourite (or not so) PM


Wine Politics: What wine will Australia be drinking over the next three years?

The Australian public will go to the polling booth on Saturday to find out who will be the next Prime Minster of Australia. Now I have got to say that I have had enough of the adverts and the politics these last 5 weeks, and so I thought: what might be a better and entertaining way to think about our federal politicians? What about if we thought about our politicians as a bottle of wine? If you think about it there is some potential merit in this idea. I have bought wines before that I thought had so much great potential, and were saved for a good day in the future....but when it was opened, you realise that the bottle has been oxidised. Bugger.  Or the wine turned out to be not as good as you were hoping. Well I think politics are a bit the same.

So to make things interesting this Saturday, I would like people to think about the wine they might think best approximates the characteristics of a specific politician. Now obviously we don’t all agree on our politics otherwise our governments would get in with 100% of the vote, but if you think about it, we also can’t all agree on which wines we like and don’t like. So let’s have a bit of fun and see if we can match up some Politicians to some wines.

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