Saturday, October 18, 2008

interacting the old fashioned way

things happen in threes. it's an old wise tale. a very old fashioned idea. and yet would you believe i've had interactions about/via three letters this past week. now that's also very old fashioned way indeed!!

but i got a real kick out of them all. here's why:

you've gotta love a wedding. i laughed out loud when i got a message (via facebook) asking for my home addy as my new to be niece in law didn't know where i lived! it caused a family fuss. we should be helping her so she didnt have to resort to such antics... but i just loved it as it showed an honesty and resourcefulness. she was so used to communicating with us all via email and facebook, she's never needed the addy. i confessed to understanding 100% where she was coming from.

now birthdays are just something i struggle with constantly. the online medium has just not been able to replace the traditional birthday card. however im useless at remembering dates. useless at keeping calendars up to date. even online ones.

so when my niece sends paper invitations to her one year olds birthday lunch and then follows up with paper thankyou cards after the event. each note with individual messages. urgh. it makes me cringe. i absolutely adore it.

but finally to top it off. the ultimate happened.

a letter. as in one that had a "Dear Helen", paragraphs and a proper sign off.

i don't think i have received a letter from anyone other than my aunty who lives interstate in years. years and years. and there it was. in my letter box. a letter.

it was an invite to attend christmas lunch. it was such a lovely letter i could frame it.

and of course i have to respond in the way it was delivered. via letter. but i must just finish my blog first :)


MrsMcandCo said...

How wonderful to get 3 letters! I was lucky enough to receive a stitched envelope with some stitching goodies in it for my birthday this year. My address and a flower stitched on front and return address on the back.
Mum has reminded me tonight that it is my Uncle's 80th birthday on the day after my birthday. I think I should send a card.

Nadine Touzet said...

That's right! My (physical) mailbox now gets only bills and a lot of ads. The odd postcard from time to time. The occasional check from a client. It feels lonely at times.
But I must admit I've given up on writing letters. Email is so much easier, faster, no need to search for stamps. I know... I shouldn't be writing that. But just sending one card with goodies to my daughter on the other side of the Earth had me standing in a queue at the post office for 20 good minutes the other day, enough to test the most patient of customers.

Lulu said...

There is nothing more heart warming to find a brightly coloured envelope (sure stands out from those bills and ads) in your letter box and to know that someone thought highly enough of you to take the time out from their busy electronic world to write a note or card, place it into an envelope and then wander past a post box (you know those big red boxes in the street) and all because they care enough to make it personal. Sometimes its nice to slow down, just sometimes. Instant gratification isn't always the best gratification.